is a science fiction series, that shows how exciting mathematics can be outside the classroom.
Concept and realization of four image clips for mathematics for the "Wirtschatsministerium Saar", Germany.
Music by David Borens. Collaboration with Ludmilla Schmidt

#1 Start

The first chapter is about numbers and relations between them,
 it takes us into the Bill&YARD mission.

#2 The Storm Of The Polygons

This chapter is about geometry and space, it shows the rule of Euler. The first adventure the spaceship passes on its journey.

#3 The Attack Of The Roman Numbers

This chapter is about the history of mathematics: the importance of the invention of the zero for the decimal system. The Bill & Yard gets into trouble.

#4 The Myriad Swarms

The last story is about the feeling for unimaginable quantities and the infinite. Can the Bill&YARD save their galaxie?